Class Type

Direct Known Subclasses:
DataType, StructuredType

public abstract class Type
extends ModelElement

Base class for UML metamodel classes which represent types of data.


Nested Class Summary
Nested classes inherited from class com.ashridgetech.jamda.uml.ModelElement
ModelElement.DuplicateElementException, ModelElement.ElementListStore, ModelElement.ElementNameListStore, ModelElement.ElementNameStore, ModelElement.ElementStore, ModelElement.TaggedValue, ModelElement.UnknownElementException
Field Summary
Fields inherited from class com.ashridgetech.jamda.uml.ModelElement
Constructor Summary
protected Type( me, ModelPackage parent)
          Passes arguments on to ModelElement.
Method Summary
abstract  boolean isSimple()
          Show whether this Type is a simple type, such as a number or String , or composed of other parts.
Methods inherited from class com.ashridgetech.jamda.uml.ModelElement
add, addStereotype, addTaggedValue, addTaggedValue, addTaggedValues, addTaggedValuesInternal, checkInitialised, checkState, checkValid, findTaggedValueCollection, getBooleanTaggedValue, getChildElements, getComment, getDescription, getDirectSource, getElement, getElementType, getFullName, getId, getModel, getName, getNsElement, getOriginalSource, getParentElement, getProperties, getStereotypes, getStringTaggedValue, getSubElementStore, getTaggedValue, getTaggedValues, getXpathContext, hasStereotype, hasTaggedValue, init, initLoad, isInitialised, load, load, load, loadElement, logChange, logger, logger, logLoad, logLoadWarning, logNew, logWarning, removeTaggedValue, select, setComment, setDirectSource, setTaggedValue, setTaggedValue, setTaggedValue, setTaggedValues, stereotype, tag, tagError, toString, type, type, type, xpath, xpathList
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Constructor Detail


protected Type( me,
               ModelPackage parent)
Passes arguments on to ModelElement.

Method Detail


public abstract boolean isSimple()
Show whether this Type is a simple type, such as a number or String , or composed of other parts.

true if this Type is simple

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