Package com.ashridgetech.jamda.test

JUnit test classes for the Jamda classes.


Class Summary
AllTests Runs all JUnit Test classes in this package which have been added to the AllTests.suite() method.
BaseTest Common facilities for tests on the Jamda classes.
ClassGeneratorTest Tests the ClassGenerator class.
ClassWriterTest Tests the ClassWriter class.
LoadingTest Tests the Model class.
TestMethodCoderFactory MethodCoderFactory for use in testing.
TransformerTest Tests the ModelTransformer and related classes.
UmlClassGeneratorTest Tests the UmlClassGenerator class.
UpdateTest Tests updates to the com.ashridgetech.jamda.uml package classes.
UtilTest Tests the Util class.
ValueObjectTest Tests updates to the com.ashridgetech.jamda.ejb.uml package classes.

Package com.ashridgetech.jamda.test Description

JUnit test classes for the Jamda classes.

Overall Structure

The BaseTest class extends the JUnit TestCase class to provide some common testing functions for the Jamda tests. The AllTests class provides a main method to run the tests in the JUnit GUI, and a suite method that includes all the other test classes. All the tests run against the sample model in samples/ecomm2j/xmi/NSUML.xmi that is prepared from samples/ecomm2j/NSUML.xml by running the Ant build file samples/ecomm2j/build.xml.

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