Class OperationMethodCoder


public class OperationMethodCoder
extends MethodCoder

Writes the method code using an Operation's procedure. Each line in the Procedure body is inserted with the current indent. The Procedure must return a valid value for Procedure.getJavaCode().

Paul Boocock

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
protected OperationMethodCoder(Operation op, UmlClassGenerator gen)
          Construct a LiteralMethodCoder.
Method Summary
 void codeBody()
          Each line in the Procedure body is inserted with the current indent.
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Constructor Detail


protected OperationMethodCoder(Operation op,
                               UmlClassGenerator gen)
Construct a LiteralMethodCoder.

op - the Operation being coded. Must have a Procedure.
gen - the UmlClassGenerator using this coder. May be used to access methods of the generator. One need for this is to call ClassGenerator.addImport(java.lang.String) if the code uses a type which is not already used by a method or field of the class.
Method Detail


public void codeBody()
Each line in the Procedure body is inserted with the current indent.

Specified by:
codeBody in class MethodCoder

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